Refund / Cancellation Policy



We understand it's important to have the ability to change your mind about a purchase. You have 7 days to cancel a pricing plan you selected for a full refund. Once that 7 days has past, you may still cancel your individual, family, or jumbo plan at any time but will not be refunded the amount charged up until date of cancellation. Should you choose to change your policy, you will be put on the newly selected payment plan the following payment cycle. Please allow 4-6 business days for refunds.



Should you decide to cancel your subscription to LivingRoots, you will have 30 days to pull any (download) information that has been made accessible to all family members. We want you to have the ability to save the data you've created so make sure to do so within the 30-day window. At that time your account will become static or inactive. Existing family members with accounts can still view the content you created and added but you will be unable to access any features within LivingRoots.



As mentioned above, you may change the plan you and family members initially chose at anytime. You will see it reflected in the next billing cycle without a loss of information or access to the family account. The most common example of change in pricing plans is adding individual members to a family plan OR dissolving a family plan and transferring responsibility of payment to each individual member. We can do both! Just let us know what you need. Should you choose to change plans, each active member on the existing plan will be notified via email. Members will have 10 days to enter in new payment information regarding the newly selected pricing plan.


Please contact us at with any questions/concerns about your plan