It Only Takes 3 Generations
To Be Forgotten...


LivingRoots is a FREE Digital Platform for You and Your Family to Privately Record and Share Your Family Story.

Wondering Why It's Free?

LivingRoots is a new company dedicated to creating a space where families get excited about sharing and preserving their stories together in a totally safe, private environment. As we’re learning and improving the product, we’ve decided to give the first 500 families a FREE account! We’d love your feedback and input on how we can make this product easy and useful as we continue to grow. Thank you! 

What’s Different About LivingRoots?

  • Record your story with live audio, video and text within the platform.
  • A collective timeline of your entire family’s life events.
  • Automated thought-provoking questions get family members talking and sharing.
  • A private vault where you can store media privately before deciding what to share with the whole family.
  • Free Accounts for deceased loved ones to keep their memories & stories alive.
  • No ads, pop-ups, politics, or trolls.
  • Begin free profiles for children to organize their childhood events.​

Your Family Legacy Can Live Forever


Think of LivingRoots as your virtual family time vault.


We have a solution for the chaos of precious memories tucked away in boxes and computers.


With 4 easy tools, you can live forever by recording your life story, and preserving the legacy of loved ones.

"This is so easy and I love that it’s
just for me and my family!"
Chiraya-Dharma-Headshot-Circle-500x500 (3)
"This is so easy and I love that it’s just for me and my family!"
Chiraya-Dharma-Headshot-Circle-500x500 (3)

Why Your Legacy Matters

Childhood Memories

Safe and Secure

Do you feel safe and secure on the internet? Living Roots is dedicated to the safety of you and your family.

"Finally, an organized place to store the pictures
my dad gave me of his childhood."

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Technology has caused a divide between generations of loved ones. Let’s use the same technology to reconnect us to the people who matter most. Family. Be the voice that tells your life story, one moment at a time and over generations, they will not only know what you did, but who you really are. Everyone’s got a story. What’s Yours?

"Makes it easy to gather family history because
everyone’s contributing a little at a time."