80s Flashback: Back-To-School Trends

When you think of back-to-school trends, what images does it evoke for you? Looking back into the 80s, school supplies were in theme with the fashion at the time. Everything was loud and neon and over the top. I remember the scented markers they’d give us to color with. Did they really think we weren’t going to taste the grape marker given it’s intoxicating scent?!

Traperkeepers were the most stressful thing to pick because you would get just one. You had to pick the right one that was cool but not common. Tough when everyone was back-to-school shopping at the local K-Mart. Many of us rode the bus or walked. We had our lunches packed for us or begrudgingly consumed the cafeteria food. Fluorescent erasers and backpacks and pencil boxes seemed to be endless in each and every classroom you entered.

Elementary school was fun, but junior high was serious business. The scrunchies had to be just right. The art of crimped hair and fluffed bangs could easily be just cause for being tardy to your first class. Middle school marked the beginning of cliques and crews and jocs and nerds. All of the sudden there were unwritten rules of where to sit and how to talk, both of these constantly changing making it difficult to keep up.

One thing that was a constant in the 80s was Michael Jackson and Madonna. It was difficult to put the radio on and not hear one of them. The 80s were filled with iconic people and discoveries as well as many things that we now look back on and ask, “What were we thinking?”

What were some of your fondest memories from school? What was the coveted item you felt made you “cool” at school? Be sure to try uploading it to your timeline this week as you send your loved ones back-to-school. Sharing back-to-school trends from your generation is a fun and fantastic way to get your family talking!

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