Resolutions and Patience

New Year’s resolutions have a way of disappearing. Let’s change that by using self forgiveness and try again attitude.

What To Give That Doesn’t Cost A Thing

What we can give and create that doesn’t cost a thing and means the world to others.

What Holds True at Thanksgiving?

What do you know about Thanksgiving history? While our understanding of the facts may have changed, the sentiment remains the same.

Gratitude Abounds

What do you have to be thankful for this year?

Safe and Secure

When it comes to safety, the ethos and the feeling are two completely separate entities. Safety is defined as “freedom from the risk of injury or loss”. It’s synonymous with protection. In order to secure our home we’ll use security measures such as locks, iron gates, or security cameras. A bank often has a vault […]

Halloween Food Fest

Halloween is all about the memories, the costumes, but more importantly, the food! Nicole Trimboli shares her favorite Halloween food ideas in today’s blog.

Cozy Fall Vibes

As the leaves change we are often transported back to our childhood memories of cozy fall days with family. What is your favorite fall activity?

Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day?

What do you know about Christopher Columbus Day? The facts may surprise you.

Great Storytelling Made Simple

Are you struggling with how to capture family memories in your timeline? In today’s blog we review the basics of good storytelling. It’s easier than you think!

Our Legacy Leader

Today we take time to sit with our company’s CEO and Legacy Leader, Nicole Trimboli to learn about her mission and her history.

Back To School

Do you remember your first day of school? Now you can look back on it fondly forever using LivingRoots incredible family archival timeline.

80s Flashback: Back-To-School Trends

What do you remember about your back-to-school days? Our CEO, Nicole Trimboli, takes a trip down memory lane…in the 80s.