Cozy Fall Vibes

Cozy Fall Vibes

Cozy Fall Vibes - Pumpkin Carving

It’s happening. The leaves are falling, the chill is in the air and snow has reunited with the mountains. While summer slips out, the cool breeze brings in the perfect excuse for sweaters, hot toddies, and it’s pumpkin season. When pumpkin spice has infiltrated every food choice known to man you know fall is in full swing.

Cozy Fall Vibes - Bad Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin season means it’s time for pumpkin carving. I get excited about the thought of jumping into the holiday spirit. Then I quickly remember how inept I am at carving a pumpkin based on years of hands-on attempts and failures. I’d look at those patterns they advertise- just tack on the pattern and carve like daVinci. Unfortunately my final product always looked much more like a Picasso…and not in a good way. Even though I’ve given up my artistic endeavors, you’ll always find a few pumpkins on my stoop in honor of the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood.

Cozy Fall Vibes - Jumping in the Leaves

When I was a kid I remember jumping into the leaves and smelling like dirt and sweet leaves. We could never make the pile big enough. I realize now my parents’ encouragement to create a jump pile was just a ploy to get us to clean up the lawn. Well played.

Cozy Fall Vibes - The first frost

The warmth of the sun becomes a reward instead of a constant which means ski season is around the corner. We can kick and scream about summer being over and daylight growing shorter, or we can embrace the charms that come with the crisp frost.

Cozy Fall Vibes - Pumpkin Pie and Sweater Weather

What’s something you and your family always did in the fall? Were you the house on the block that went all out for Halloween? Maybe it was family football day on Sundays. Do you have any favorite recipes? Upload some of your favorite fall memories to your timeline this week. Your family will be grateful you did.

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