The vault is a secure and private location where you can add content that will not be shared with your family. You are the only person with access to your vault. You have the ability to make private vault media into a story and add it to the family timeline. The default is that any content created in your vault remains private to you only.


The timeline is a chronologically organized history of the big moments and experiences in your families’ life. The timeline is only accessible to members of your family. You can add old content you’ve been saving in boxes like home videos, photos, letters, memoirs, etc.


No, you must be an active member of a particular family in order to add to the timeline. 



What would you say if someone asked you, “What’s your life story?” It’s an overwhelming thought to try and some up your life in one shot. The questions (Q/A) feature sends automatically generated questions to all users twice a week. These automated questions will help guide you and your family to tell your story one question at a time. More importantly, you can send family members questions you know to ask. We encourage you to create and send your own. You can send out questions to active members about deceased members. This is an important piece of keeping someone’s legacy alive; it’s about the stories we tell.


Yes! A huge plus to LivingRootsTM is the privacy you get by paying a small fee. This is how we keep the ads away and the data farming out. Please refer to the link for our privacy policies. Only members of your family will be able to see your content. Your stories and your personal information will not be shared with users that are not members of your family and your information will never be sold to outside parties. In an era where personal information is sold like candy, we feel a moral obligation and have deep rooted beliefs that this approach must change. LivingRootsTM will not create revenue through cookies, targeted marketing, or unwanted ad pop-ups. The space you’re creating with loved ones is sacred and we want to keep it that way. Your paid subscription allows us to be held to a higher level of accountability and ensure security and privacy.


An active member is a paying subscription member that has the ability to create content. For our first 500 subscribers, this is a free active subscription.


An inactive member is either a deceased or minor profile that’s been set up by an active member. You may also have a family member who will not be using LivingRootsTM but you’d like to create a profile and content for them. These accounts are free and give active users the ability to add content and answer questions about inactive members. For deceased members, this gives us the space to keep their legacy alive through storytelling and content sharing. For a child’s inactive profile, we can build their storyline for them as they’re growing up. Once they’re old enough we can change their account to an active, paid member at which point, they take over their profile and content. Nothing can originate from an inactive member profile but members can contribute any existing or new content they have of an inactive member either deceased, or a minor.


Yes. We recognize the features we created in LivingRootsTM could be used to tell the story of many different groups. Companies, organizations, teams, etc. should contact us directly for information on how they can use our tools to capture their journey and legacy. Contact@livingroots.com


Admin Controls are permissions granted to members to give them the ability to add members and approve family members wanting to join your specific family space on LivingRoots™.


Go into account settings and find list of members. On the right there is an “edit role” option in order to change permissions of a listed member(s).


We hate to see you go but understand this may happen. The whole point of Living Roots is to give you tools to capture your story, which means we don’t want them to disappear even if you leave us. Once you cancel your membership, you’ll have 30 days to download any content by you or the family that’s been added to your family space. Please contact us immediately if you decide to cancel your membership so we can ensure you’re able to download the information that’s been added to your family space. Contact@livingroots.com


LivingRoots can only see your member settings information. Your content is private to you and your family. No one else!


Yes, but they must be invited or approved first. There are 2 ways a member can join your family on LivingRoots™.

A new user can search to see if their family page already exists by entering a members’ email. That user will be notified that someone is requesting to join a particular families’ space.
An active member can invite a new user to join their family page via email. The person invited will receive an email from LivingRoots with the information and link necessary to join.
LivingRootsTM will not dictate who you consider family, so if you consider your neighbor “family” feel free to add them Families look so different and we want you to have the freedom to decide who your family members are.

You can go to “Members Page” and delete them, or contact us and we’ll help! 


YES! So many of us have things we save but they live in a box and no one in your family or YOU ever enjoy them. Please add existing content to tell your families’ story, that’s one of the most important features of LivingRootsTM. It gives you the space to organize and share the mementos we’ve been storing.


No, LivingRoots is a secure platform to create and share stories with family members. There is a maximum amount of content that can be added to each story. It is not geared towards storing entire vhs tapes. Instead, it is geared to story pieces of media that help tell your story. If you need media converted to digital there check your local businesses that provide this service. If there’s nothing around, check out LegacyBox.com.


Not yet. LivingRoots™ is in phase 1 but recognizes that many of might need to separate family information depending on marital status and the unique dynamics of our families. In phase 2 we’ll be adding this feature, so don’t worry, it’s coming!


Right now, the only way to be in 2 separate families is to use 2 different email accounts. This would also mean paying for 2 separate memberships. In the next build of LivingRoots, it will be possible to have one account and be in 2 separate spaces. Patience grasshoppers.


In the case that a family member needs to be removed, please contact us directly for next steps in process. We understand that with family comes turmoil, but we want to ensure everyone has access to the existing information that’s been added to your space. Contact@livingroots.com



Yes, your family needs a computer and an email address to join. When you send a family member a request to join then they will receive an email. They do not have to be connected on any social media network.


We know there are members of your family that may not be to keen on using technology. You can set up an “Inactive” space for a family member and upload content for them. You can record their stories with video, audio, or even a written journal and upload it under their Inactive profile. Remember, inactive profiles will not be able to add anything, but you can add for them.


Easy! Simply click on Add/Invite family members button or go to “Members” and enter in their email address they’ll receive an email from LivingRoots™ with your name in it. All they have to do is follow the link.


Invite them to join you via email and tell them about it. It’s a PRIVATE space to capture what truly matters in our lives. The people we love and the stories of our life. Many people communicate by storytelling and they don’t even realize it. Now there’s a place to capture these important stories and anecdotes that make us who we are.

Still Have Questions? Please Contact Us.