Gratitude Abounds

Gratitude Abounds

Thanksgiving often conjures up ideas of turkey and stuffing, but how quickly we are to skip over the word of thanks that is center to this celebration’s name. It’s important this time of year to dwell upon things that are worth cherishing and expressing some gratitude, or thanks in action. Tis the season of warm fuzzies, positivity and sometimes humility. We pause and reflect on all of the gifts we have in our lives…gratitude abounds!

Just like the feeling of security and safety, we often think of people the most when expressing gratitude. Most of us have family members that have impacted us on a profound level. Teenagers don’t realize the selflessness it takes to be a good parent, but when they move into  adulthood they begin to realize the priceless gift of unconditional support and love their parents have given them…even perhaps when they weren’t the easiest to adore. Children don’t recognize that their basic needs of safety, shelter, food and clothing are being met each day because of the efforts of their family, but they truly understand the depths of that love when they too become parents.

This year, instead of hunting the internet for the best Black Friday deals, why not take a breath, and just spend time with the people who matter most. There is nothing quite like being around those that have given you everything, simply because they love you.

I appreciated this article to get a little clarity on the difference between thankfulness and gratitude. Gratitude is simply putting your appreciation into action. Who do you want to honor this year? Who do you hold close to your heart? Have you told them lately? LivingRoots is a great way to show gratitude for your most precious asset: your family and your loved ones. By actively sharing your stories to our safe and private vault, you allow them to be read for decades, if not centuries. Your great grandchildren might not remember your Aunt Mae, but don’t you think they deserve the opportunity to hear her infectious laugh? What will you capture this Thanksgiving season? What memories will you create that will live on forever? What are your thanksgiving stories? Share them with each other in our safe and private vault. 

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