Halloween Food Fest

Halloween Food Fest

Halloween week is upon us. Along with that is the excuse we’ve been waiting for to concoct delicious chili and spooky cocktails. Children will immediately begin wheelin’ and dealin’ their candy treasures post Halloween night. I found this hilarious article on coveted Halloween candy ranked from worst to best! Worst-Best Candy. I love the lead off, “Candy Corn Sour Patches.”

We went above and beyond with our obsession of dry ice at our house. It’s quite the undervalued product. Dry ice helps make everything spookier and festive. Check out the recipe we attempted; warning- DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HANDS! Spooktown Cocktails

Our absolute favorite chili to make in the fall is Giada’s Vegetarian chili. Don’t worry meat lovers, you can add ground turkey or chicken to protein it up.Vegetarian Chili

Stuck on what to dress up as for Halloween? We’ve got you covered. Just dress up as your boss! You’ve now got an easy and crowd pleasing Halloween costume!

What’s your favorite Halloween food, candy or one of your fall treats you remember making with your family? Don’t have one? Then maybe it’s time to start your own! 

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