Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

When it comes to safety, the ethos and the feeling are two completely separate entities. Safety is defined as “freedom from the risk of injury or loss”. It’s synonymous with protection. In order to secure our home we’ll use security measures such as locks, iron gates, or security cameras. A bank often has a vault or a security guard. However, when asked about what makes you feel safe, I’m betting you don’t immediately conjure up a physical safe armor, but rather a beloved person. Who makes you feel safe and secure? In a world of continuous change and no guarantees, the only constant is the feeling of safety created by unconditional love and trust. The feeling of safety is rooted much deeper in our relationships rather than practical safety measures. 

Safe and secure with those we love

Safety is built with love and consistency over time. It roots back to our childhood days when we rushed off to our first day of school. Nervous and slightly fearful of what lay before us, we were reassured when we glanced back at the house to see our mom sneaking a small wave out the window. No matter what’s thrown at us during the day, we carry the knowledge that we are safe, we are loved. When we had a bad dream, the only thing that made us feel safe again is someone being there and reassuring us that we are okay. These small and subtle gestures create an unbreakable bond and a sense of security that is much deeper than anything we’ll find in the material world.

Feel safe and secure online

The idea of safety has been brought to the forefront in recent years. In this digital age we’re able to reach one someone with a few taps on a keyboard or simple click on an emoji capturing our sentiment. Technology has brought us closer to those we love who live miles away, but unfortunately it’s also made us more vulnerable. We have to be mindful of how we are protecting ourselves and our loved ones on the world wide web. Identities can be stolen, credit cards can be compromised. That sense of safety we took for granted has somehow suddenly disappeared. 

Safe and Secure online

Or has it? I built LivingRoots Inc. with a mission to make you feel safe again. A technological castle where your data and informative was protected at all costs. A safe haven where you could share privately with your loved one without the presence of wandering ideas or data captured. Something you could share with those you called on in your scariest moments. The halcyon days of trust and security can return. It’s needed now more than ever. 


I’ve partnered with some of the best data protectors in the business to ensure our site is encrypted, vaulted, secured and safe. Your private information isn’t and will never be shared with any outside parties. It actually won’t be shared with anyone other than you or those whom you choose to let into your world. 

Safe and Secure

Try us out for free. We don’t even ask for a credit card. I want you to have an understanding of what it truly feels like to feel safe and secure online.

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