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LivingRoots is a digital platform for you and family to privately share and record your legacy. Think of it as a virtual family time vault. We have a solution to the chaos of precious memories that are tucked away in boxes, online, and in our computers. With 4 easy tools, you can live forever by capturing your life story, and preserving the legacy of loved ones.

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Your Tree Page

Your family tree page allows you to see your entire family in one visual spot. We give you the freedom to arrange your family tree however you'd like. Add FREE profiles for children and deceased family members , so no one is forgotten or left out. From here, you can access the family Timeline, Vault, and Q/A page. Sign Up

Your Family Timeline

The timeline captures your families' legacy in chronological order. Start organizing the big moments together in one place. From your child's graduation to your great grandparent's love letters from 1934, we give you the tools to see your family legacy over generations. Add stories with old photos or home movies. When you add a story like a wedding, other family members can add their media from the event as well and share their experience. The timeline makes it easy to capture the moments that matter, and never lose them again.

Private Vault

The vault gives you a private section of the site that only you can see.Think of it as a staging area for gathering content.Store it here until you are ready to add it to the family timeline.Draft your stories here by writing, uploading media, or recording audio & video. When you create a new story, LivingRoots gives you the control to select what family members can see it and edit.

Name Your Beneficiary

Your vault will never be shared but upon your passing, you may want a loved one to access your content. Under your profile, we give you the ability to name a beneficiary who will gain access to your vault if you would like to store any sensitive documentation here. Wills, letters, etc.

Build Your Stories with Our Easy Q&A

To help you share short stories about your life, LivingRoots will send out automated questions to get you going. System makes it simple for you and family members to share your life experiences on the platform! If someone asked you, "What's Your Life Story?" Where do you even start? By asking simple questions you can slowly share your whole life. Use audio, video, or simply type your answer to the questions. We highly encourage you to customize questions and send to your family; after all, you know them best!

My Profile

Share a little bit about yourself under "View Profile" from your icon picture in the upper right corner. You can add or edit information about yourself at any time. The real you will come through in utilizing the tools within the platform. Answer questions, add old pictures and milestone moments of your life. That's where the good stuff goes.