What Holds True at Thanksgiving?

What Holds True at Thanksgiving?

We’ve all gotten past the version of Thanksgiving that was told to us when we were in school. The new settlers celebrated their union with the Natives by sharing a meal! Ahh…If only this were true, it’d make for a much better Disney feature film.

In reality, Thanksgiving was officially declared by Lincoln in the midst of the civil war. Another, strategic and profoundly well timed move by the 16th President. Before that, it was celebrated in October and more focused on the celebration of the harvest rather than community and thankfulness. Check out more Thanksgiving Myths to really put a wet towel on your holiday spirit. Turkey Day has evolved into a retailers’ dream with sleek marketing ads that provoke nostalgia, generosity, and some serious credit cards swiping. Despite it’s morphed backstory and “Black Friday” Veil, Thanksgiving still brings people together. 

They gather around kitchens and tables and couches to talk about nothing and everything. Even the most disconnected relatives, find something to talk about and eventually relax enough to just be. There is comradery in the kitchen as the grand meal comes together with many hands involved in its creation. We laugh, we cry, there are many awkward silences and bad jokes; but the most important aspect of all of this is that we’re together. The meal, the table cloth, the location, the outfit- none of it holds a candle to the connection that occurs just by being in the same space. We want to wish you a very happy and connected Thanksgiving and hope you take a moment to be connected and engaged with your loved ones. 

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