Giving Around the Holidays – Give the Gift of Time!

Giving Around the Holidays – Give the Gift of Time!

It’s that time of year when “Giving” is expected but what can we give if we don’t have a lot of material wealth? What if giving around the holidays could look completely different?The good news is, some of the most gifts that create huge impact don’t have to cost a thing. Whether it’s for a person or your community , there is so much we can all do to give something that’s meaningful and lasting without breaking the bank. 

  • Interviews: Instead of getting grandma and grandpa another box of chocolates, ask to sit down and record an interview about their childhood. They’ll love sharing some of their fondest memories with you. Come up with 3 simple questions that will get them talking and reminiscing. You can keep these safe and share them here
  • Create: Making a gift for someone you love always goes a long way. If you’ve been saving your wine corks, there’s a multitude of do-it-yourself creations you can make. Or perhaps recreate an old family photo, we love seeing adults in awkward, and outdated clothing from their childhood.
  • Time: The most priceless items you can give to someone is time. This year, instead of melting into the couch or hiding in your phone, take the time to engage and listen to those you love. We think every holiday that comes will be exactly the same with the same people around the table, but this is not true. Don’t miss the chances you have to connect with the people you love. 
  • Community: Even if you don’t have a dollar, you can donate blood. I know it sounds scary but, around the holidays blood donations decline yet the need for this type of help does not. Find your local blood bank and help someone, you’ll never meet. I dare you. 
  • In service: There are a multitude of volunteer opportunities to get involved with in your own backyard. Find something that suits you and GIVE a few hours a month or even a week of your time. You could organize clothing donations, volunteer helping to build housing, help with your local food bank. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to volunteer and how much other people need you. 

As the old saying goes, “Love don’t cost a thing.” So show your love and generosity with your time, patience, and gratitude. Giving around the holidays is what makes this season special, but it doesn’t need to mean something material.

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